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Orchard Camp

Tuition 2024 Summer Camp

Five Day Program: $360.00/week
Day Program:$250.00/week (runs Monday Tuesday Wednesday)
Two Day Program: $185.00/week (runs Thursday Friday)

Drop In (Add a Day or Sibling) $90.00

We believe in consecutive days for children but take requests for our two- and three-day programs. In some cases, we can offer Monday Tuesday as a two day and Wednesday Thursday Friday as a three day but that is the only flexibility at this time. 


Hours: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm


We offer an 8-week Summer Camp program that is separate from our school year program. The program is very similar to our year long program but there are some bold differences. The biggest difference is we veer from our academic lesson work into summer activities and emerge as a full nature based program. We offer a joyful and healthy environment for children to grow in.


For those seeking a full year of schooling we provide 42 weeks of school and an additional 8 weeks of Camp. We are closed the last two weeks in August. For those with older siblings we welcome returning students and siblings to join us if there is room.


Summer is about building healthy childhood memories. We encourage childhood joy! We love watermelon eating, sprinkler jumping, discovering bugs, willow bark crowns, hatching frogs, chickens and sprouting mushrooms. It is all about building friendships together and deepening a relationship to the natural world. We combine art and nature and offer some beautiful crafts.

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