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Apple House offers loving care for infants and toddlers ages 18 months–3 years. We are licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Serves (OCFS).


Apple House offers a unique curriculum and activities to nurture your child:

Nature-Based Curriculum: Each day is full of outdoor play and exploration in our large outdoor play area.

Art Focus: We offer the children an opportunity to engage in coloring, water color painting and seasonal art projects.


Song and Music: We sing our way through the day with daily songs to go with our transition times. We also offer daily music and classic nursery rhymes daily.


Imaginative Play: Every week includes storytelling and finger plays.


Commitment to Free Play: Apple House provides lovely wooden toys and a safe loving environment to play in.


Emphasis on Health: We offer daily cooking, natural homemade foods, and a commitment to providing local and organic foods.



Every group family day care is different—Apple Blossom too has its own charm and offers some special things. Our philosophy is simple:


Children thrive in nature and with healthy teachers who truly love and care for their well-being.


Nature-Inspired: Apple Blossom offers a place where children can imagine and play in the style of Nature Inspired methods.


Living Skills and Relationship Based Care: We believe in teaching children the basic things of early life. We teach children how to share and give them space to find within themselves empathy and compassion through their first three years by imitating the adults and older children who have already learned, around them.


LifeWays-Inspired: Apple House is a living and working home. We work with the children in everything we do: from cooking to cleaning, gardening to baking, folding laundry to washing dishes. The entire bottom floor of the home is the child’s day home.

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