Apple Blossom Bunch Pre-K in the Park program believes that learning is simple. It takes a little excitement, a bit of listening skills, and a community of great teachers to lead the way! At our pre-school we create an environment where children are encouraged to learn through play,  daily life tasks, the natural environment, classroom hands on experiences and through our community as we adventure into town twice a week on field trips.

We offer an environment rich with opportunities to ask questions and explore. The children have the time they need to discover the answers to the typical question of a pre-school student-why. Our rhythm is designed by childhood itself, exactly what a pre-school child needs.

Our Pre-school offers time to learn, time to explore, time to play and time to rest.

Our daily rhythm: non-field trip mornings
7:45am-8:45am: free play/table learning games/puzzles/independent work
9:10am: hand washing/morning snack/ job chart
9:30am: circle songs/calendar/number and letter learning
12:30pm: Lunch in our classroom or in the park (weather permitting)
12:45pm-1: 30pm: nourishing arts such as foot bath/teeth brushing /nap fairytale
1:30-3:00pm: rest/nap/hair brushing upon waking
2:30pm-3:00pm: snack and daily tasks
3:00pm: science alternates with art/learning based activities
4:30pm-5: 45pm: free play (in winter movement games are added such as yoga, obstacle course and games)

In the Winter our Director offers the children puppet shows and music with her guitar

Weekly Calendar:
We spend a great deal of our time outdoors in all seasons. In the Winter we spend a little less time on field trips/hands on learning in the community and more time in hands on small group learning circles. We do this to give support to classroom lesson work. We offer review time, assess the children twice a year and report assessment observations to parents annually.

Twice a week we have a 2- to 3-hour visit to a neighborhood location away from our classroom. Our full calendar of visits is available to students and parents bi-weekly.

Here is a sample week in the Fall
Monday: classroom day/park adventure
Tuesday: visit in town to local music store to learn about instruments for the letter I week
Wednesday: bike riding in Congress Park/park adventure/show and tell day
Thursday: visit to the east side recreation playground in the morning
Friday : visit to the warming hut in the Spa State Park

Here is a sample week in the Winter
Monday: classroom day/ small group learning/sledding in the park
Tuesday: morning trip to honey and tea shop for letter “H” week
Wednesday: classroom day/show and tell day/sledding in the park
Thursday: morning Library trip to get new books for our classroom
Friday: classroom day/small group learning/sledding in the Park

Here is a sample week in the Spring

Monday: classroom day/park adventure/bird watching/ visiting the spring
Tuesday: Visit to local pottery studio for letter “P” week
Wednesday: classroom day/show and tell day
Thursday: Children’s Museum visit
Friday: Trip to the warming hut in the Saratoga Spa State Park for hiking