Pre-K in the Park Location

Pre-K in the Park is a small, multi-age, pre-school for children 3 to 5 years old at the Saratoga Arts Center. With our central location, children experience all that Saratoga Springs has to offer within walking distance!

We believe that pre-schoolers are not ready to be confined to a single classroom, confined at a desk. They need to get out into the neighborhood and learn through experience and activity.

Our Site: The Saratoga The Arts Center and Congress Park

The Arts Center is the perfect “home base” for our pre-school, giving the children of Apple Blossom the opportunity to learn together as a group experiencing the world, nature, and their town. The Saratoga Arts Center is located at 320 Broadway. With Congress Park as a perfect location for our nature-based program, the world is our adventure land.

Look around our site and see how amazing life can be for a pre-schooler in full-time care.