Pre-K in the Park



Welcome to Apple Blossom Bunch’s Pre-K in the Park! Pre-K in the Park is a small, multi-age pre-school for children 3 to 5 years old at the Saratoga Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY. With our central location, children experience all that Saratoga Springs has to offer within walking distance!

We believe that pre-schoolers are not ready to learn sitting in a desk. Our philosophy is that if we teach through experience pre-schoolers will grow up aware of the environment and community. Knowledge is available every day and learning first hand is the best way for a pre-schooler to retain their learning. Even in our classroom we are learning through hands on experiences. We mix time learning out in our community, in our classroom and in the natural environments we visit each week.

Our Site: The Saratoga The Arts Center and Congress Park

The Arts Center is the perfect “home base” for our pre-school, giving the children of Apple Blossom the opportunity to learn together as a group experiencing the world, nature, and their town. The Saratoga Arts Center is located at 320 Broadway. With Congress Park as a perfect location for our nature-based program, the world is our adventure land.

Our local papers have captured our program well in the articles listed here.

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Look around our site and see how amazing life can be for a pre-schooler in full-time care.

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