Here are some letters parents have sent to us!

Dear Apple Blossom Staff, 
We wanted to express our immense gratitude for everything that you have done for our children. It brings tears into my eyes when I see how kind and considerate they are and how they are developing to be such well-balanced and healthy individuals. They are thriving under your guidance and we are so lucky to be a part of these unique and fabulous programs of Apple Blossom Bunch.

Bill and Kat

Dear Apple House Teachers,
Words cannot express our gratitude for all you do for our daughter and for us! The attention, care and encouragement you have provide for her is priceless. Our daughter is such a happy, well-adjusted and strong little girl and we thank you for fostering an environment for her to develop so beautifully. Lastly, thank you for supporting Chris and I in our journey through parenthood for the first time.

Courtney and Chris

Dear Mrs. Heather,
I just appreciate your kindness! It means so much to my family to have peace of mind when the kids are at Apple Blossom. Your staff is one of a kind and you’ve done a brilliant job with your business. Thank you for being so accommodating to our needs as a family.

Jen and David

Dear Mrs. Heather,
Thank you so much for all of the hard work, dedication and the love you have shown to our daughter and to the school this year. You’re an absolute rock of patience and commitment, and we are so lucky to have you teaching and caring for our children. No one works harder or cares more and our children are better people because of you. We love you!

Marianne and Marc

A Parent’s Review on Apple House and Pre-K in the Park

We love Apple Blossom Bunch in Saratoga Springs.  The director, Heather runs a fantastic professional and caring home-based daycare for babies and toddlers near the SPA State Park, and a small pre-K program for older preschoolers in the Arts Center at Congress Park downtown.  Apple House and Mrs. Heather exude genuine wholesomeness and caring.

Apple House is a wonderful place for kids, and I feel totally comfortable leaving my son with the staff.  They feed the kids basically all organic food (rare at daycares!), let the kids help with making food, setting the table and cleaning up, and even work in the garden.  The kids have lots of great toys to play with, from dolls and silk scarves and books, baby carriages and dress-up to bikes, blocks and wagons, trains and a tipi.  They do all kinds of art, music, and puppetry, story time, yoga for kids, walks in the woods, and lots of outside playtime… even in the rain and snow (see the website for adorable pics of the kids in their muddy buddies and puddle jumpers)!   They do a great job of balancing high energy activities with quiet time, and the program follows the seasonal cycle with rotating themes. Heather does things differently from me (I’m not a big guitar-playing-puppet-show person), but that is actually quite a wonderful thing.

Heather is also constantly involved in professional development and training for herself and her staff.  She is very inspired and committed to her work with children. Heather trains her staff in specific, gentle and direct ways of talking with children for directions, discipline, and problem-solving that works well.  Kids are told when their behavior is not appropriate or welcome or kind, and helped to understand alternatives.  If a staff member does not quickly engage with the kids, she will let them go and find someone better — as a result, she has really amazing staff, who really love our kids. The Pre-K kids have learned sewing, knot tying, writing letters, collecting bugs, using microscopes, walking all over town, and lots more.  When one staff member left to go to college, she gave all the kids a homemade storybook with the stories she used to tell the kids.   I could never keep up this level of programming at home, because of all the prep and clean-up involved… but with the right balance of staff to kids and great organization behind the scenes, Mrs. Heather and staff makes it work like magic!

The Pre-K in the Park kids spends a lot of time outside year-round, and they engage with their community every week, Mister Rogers style.  They walk all over town, observing nature and playing in public parks (state and local), as well as meeting with people in their neighborhood (bank, bakery, museum, library, fire station, supermarket, jewelry store, weavers studio, yoga studio, architect, construction sites, farm, park ranger station, etc…).  For longer field trips, such as to a local farm or science laboratory, the class takes the bus. Mrs. Heather, the owner is a phenomenal teacher and inspiring person with a strong vision for helping amazing whole children to grow.  Very young kids can get into nature AND their community in a more urban setting than the Forest.  My son feels like he belongs anywhere in “our city” of Saratoga Springs.

 No kid at Apple House is ever just a number.  Parents get an emailed report (super cool- goes to email or app) every day, summarizing the day’s activities and what your kid ate, also anything else you need to know or do.  Many daycares don’t provide so much feedback.  The staff  pays close attention to each child, and often has very useful observations about my kid’s developmental progress or needs.  They will really work with kids and families on toilet training when the time comes.  Staff are always willing to take the time to talk about issues with you as they come up.  The program is really a community, place-based, holistic experience for each kid, and people come together to bring their gifts and talents to support the program.  As a result, there’s a nice spirit among the families in the program.

Our son has been on Greenberg’s list for years, but whenever they call to offer us a space, we’ve always stuck with Apple Blossom Bunch because we’ve been so happy there is no need to move.  It’s an uncommon place, and as you can tell, we have come to love Mrs. Heather and her whole Apple Blossom Bunch- both programs.


A Parent’s Review of Our Pre-K Program

“My 3 year old son loves Pre-K in the Park. In addition to curriculum based learning, he has learned how to be a good friend and a caring person, and I’ve seen his compassion grow. Though he matures daily, his dreaminess remains. The teachers provide a loving, family atmosphere filled with magic and inspiration that has fostered his individual spark and adventurous spirit. The Pre-K teachers are surrogates and the school is a second home, full of nurturance and attention.”