What to Bring to Saratoga Apple House

What you need to bring for your child (all items must be labeled)

  • ​A nap mat role: this is a mat with a blanket and pillow attached to it (like a sleeping bag) . It roles up and has a handle. They are found on amazon.​com (Boy idea) (Girl idea)
  • Stuffed animal or doll to live at Apple House labeled ONLY if your child has an attachment to it. ​ No movie characters please.​
  • 2-4 complete change of clothes, including underwear and socks​. If on the verge of completing potty training please bring plenty of pants. Please bring these in either zip lock bags with your child’s name on it or a cloth bag. Please do not use grocery bags as we use this for wet items to go home.
  • Please dress your child in appropriate play attire, double layers in colder months. Example of Long Johns   Example of Wool Long Johns  Option for layering with what you have   Wool Sock Example
  • Snow pants (winter).
  • Warm mittens, hat, and gloves.
  • Swimsuit, towel, new full sunscreen, bug spray, sunhat. (spring​) Please buy Badger Sunscreen and Bug spray to simplify the application process. If you prefer a DEET bug spray please buy OFF (Aerosol sunscreen is allowed at Apple House)
  • Summer: A plastic zip lock labeled with light long pants, socks, light long sleeve shirt or jacket (all labeled) for our forest adventures. This stays in your child’s cubby to protect them from ticks, bites and poison ivy.
  • Rain boots and Rain gear. Muddy Buddy or Top and Bottom Separate
  • ​A water bottle with your child’s name on it (not sharpie) must have a sticker tag​ please. For infants bottles and sippy cup for water.
  • Labels for your children’s items. Name Bubbles Some labels for you and some for us.
  • A toothbrush.
  • Diaper Cream labeled (if your child is in diapers)
  • Slipper (Winter)
  • Infants must have a pilot cap (tie hat) Example Hat Infant parents should also bring in their own bottles, drool bibs and extra clothing.
  • Infants must be dressed in layers also, please see above options and ideas. We recommend that you also have warm sock options. Example good socks and slippers Slippers
  • Nail clippers labeled

If you attend more than 2 days we recommend that rain boots and gear stay at school.

Below are clothing pictures to help support your choices for items for your child.