Philosophy of Saratoga Apple House


Every child care facility offers something different—Apple House has its own charm and offers some special things. Our philosophy is simple:

Children thrive in nature and with healthy models (teachers) who truly love and care for the child’s well-being. 

Nature-Inspired:  Apple House offers a place where children can imagine and play with nature part of their daily lives.

Living Skills: We believe in teaching children the basics. There is no rush to learn things in a fast pace. The world is already fast enough! We slow down the pace at our school to learn in a natural way. We teach children how to share and negotiate. We encourage children to learn how to be part of a group.

LifeWays-Inspired: Apple House is a living and working home. We work with the children in everything we do. From cooking to cleaning, gardening to baking, folding laundry to washing dishes we are a busy bunch! The entire bottom floor is the child’s day home. To learn more about where the inspiration behind our curriculum comes from check out the Lifeways Web site.