Our Staff at Saratoga Apple House


Heather Stewart

Director of Apple Blossom Bunch Day Care

Mrs. Heather is the founder, owner and director of Apple Blossom Bunch Day Care which includes “Apple House” and “Pre-K ┬áin the Park”. The philosophy and curriculum of both programs were created and developed by Mrs. Heather. Her motto ‘whole child care’ is supported in all aspects of the school. As a director to her amazing staff, Mrs. Heather holds her staff to this motto, because in a busy world, young children deserve the very best care. Childhood is only a one-time experience!

Mrs. Heather has a B.A. from Long Island University. She has worked with children for over twenty years, both as a mother and educator. Mrs. Heather is a certified postpartum doula, and a certified Lifeway teacher. She brings to both programs her unique gifts of storytelling, singing, puppetry, and crafting.

Ms. Mandy Vanderwarker

Apple House Program Facilitator and Lead Teacher

Ms. Mandy is Apple House’s program facilitator and lead teacher. She has worked for the Waldorf School and the Montessori School as an assistant and afternoon teacher. Her experience comes from many years working in these two play based rich environments. Ms. Mandy was our head teacher last year for our own half-day preschool program Pre-K in the Park. Ms. Mandy has the experience of working in a conventional setting and a home setting. This, plus her love for childhood and her dedication to joyful living gives her the perfect experience to lead Apple House. Ms. Mandy is happy, joyful, organized, and loves spending her days with children! We are so lucky to have her leading our little school next to the woods!

Ms. Morgan

Apple House Infant Teacher

Ms. Morgan is Apple House’s infant teacher. Ms. Morgan began with Apple House as our afternoon assistant and spent two days a week as our pre-school afternoon assistant. Over time she naturally gravitated toward working with our youngest children at Apple House. In additional to her experience working in our programs Ms. Morgan has past experience working with children as a nanny. Ms. Morgan is an excellent teacher and is very detail oriented, observant and patient. She is filled with joy and being around her naturally puts a smile on all those in her presence. She teaches with kindness but also humor. There is always laughter around Ms. Morgan. Ms. Morgan loves our infants, she is very dedicated to the youngest children at Apple House, as well as our toddlers.

Ms. Johnna

Apple House Assistant Teacher

Ms. Johnna is Apple House’s assistant teacher for all of the children at Apple House. Ms. Johnna grew up in her mother’s home family day care and has cared for young children through out her own childhood and into her own adulthood. Ms. Johnna is a patient and kind human being who adores the children and cares for them with heart and love. Ms. Johnna works as the morning assistant supporting the toddlers with Ms. Mandy, although she helps lend a hand with the infants as well. Ms. Johnna loves children and is honored to support the development of the children at Apple House. She shares Apple House’s values and thus Ms. Johnna shares her many gifts with the children openly. It’s a natural fit.