Our Menu


We love homemade food at Apple House! Whether it is cooking up some of our weekly soup, making bread, mixing up pancakes, chopping our own garden salads, making our own smoothies in the Summer, or making applesauce in the Winter it is true we spend a lot of our time making, preparing, and eating homemade food.

We have four seasonal menus that focus on high fiber, protein, whole grain complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and many other important nutrients for growing brains.

At Apple House we strive to make the connection between the farm and what is at the table. Our stories include farm foods and animals.

We strive to eat as much local and organic foods as possible. The ideal is to serve as little processed food as possible. About 80% of our food is organic. We know organic and local are buzz words, but we do our research! We know the big agro businesses that take advantage of our organic standards here in America. We try to find out which companies are taking advantage and finding the loop holes in the system.We know who not to trust. This is why we spend time finding the best companies and smaller farms to buy from.

We serve Battenkill Valley Farm Milk daily. This milk was voted best milk in New York State 2016. We serve Organic Cow’s Milk Yogurt and Organic Cheese. Healthy food equals heathy bodies and minds.