Arranging A Visit

As a parent looking for just the right program for your child, we know it can be a process to find the perfect program for your           family. This guide will give you with step by step instructions on how to move forward.

Contact Our Office: Provide your contact information on our website so we can contact you to arrange your visit.

Your Visit: All visits must be pre-arranged for the safety and privacy of our current children and families. The visit is a chance for you to experience what we offer and see your child in your apple house environment.

Your visit is generally 30 minutes-1 hours. The longer you stay and experience the day, the more observations you can make about what the day is like here, and if it is a good fit for your child. We want your family to feel part of the day here during you visit. Feel free to ask questions.

Depending on the weather, be prepared to be outdoors. We are an outdoor program. Even parents should dress to be outdoors, it is never fun going through the forest/garden in high heels!

Finalizing your Decision: After your visit, if you feel that we are a good fit for your family, let us know by phone or email.   This is a great time to also talk about what to expect in the first two weeks of joining, what you might need to bring and other preparations. We are here for you for all your questions.

Enrollment Forms: Our office will send you the necessary enrollment forms for you to fill out including our ACH agreement form, which starts your payment set up. Your first payment will be your $25 enrollment fee.

Enrollment paperwork must be submitted 48 hours before your child’s first day.  These forms are necessary for us to get to know your child and meet the mandates by the Office of Child and Family Services.

Experiencing the first two weeks: Hooray! You have joined us and we welcome you! The first two weeks will be a transition for you and your child. Is it a good fit? Working on separation challenges are a part of our first two weeks and along with your lead teacher and other core staff we will work hard to do all the things we need to do to integrate your child into our school environment.